Your financial & operational performance analysis against industry benchmarks

Our experience and analysis has highlighted 10 critical financial & operational performance success factors.

The TuneUp provides a benchmark report showing your performance against our database of relevant comparatives.
  1. Breakeven Analysis – At what level of sales are fixed costs and food costs paid for
  2. Prime Cost – The percentage of sales made up in food and labor costs
  3. Food Cost – The percentage of sales in food ingredients
  4. Popular Item Analysis – How many items on the menu make up the bulk of sales – do “hero items” exist and are they being exploited?
  5. Sales per Guest – The average ticket price
  6. Labour Cost – The percentage of sales in labor costs
  7. Cash Flow – Is the cash cycle efficient especially with regard to purchase agreements
  8. Average Price Deep Dive – Average prices by menu category versus the neighborhood competition
  9. Overhead Analysis by Category as % of Sales – How are the fixed costs being spent? eg rent, fixed salaries, services
  10. Food / Drink Split – Is the split between food and drink optimised?

The Process

Once your data is submitted securely, Bayleaf will develop KPIs and compare against our database, allowing us to compile a benchmarked performance report and identify opportunities for profitability & operational improvement.

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