Here are some common questions about Bayleaf

We have experience running restaurants and we know that high-priced consultants, with resumes as executives for multi-national franchise operators are too expensive and not relevant to your day-to-day challenges. Bayleaf understand you and your business and can add value.

Our entry level package – The Check Up – examines your restaurant’s public facing material including menus, website, social media and compares with the restaurants in your nearby area to give a view of what customers in your neighbourhood see, and what you can do to make your public face more appealing.

Our second level package – The Tune Up – goes behind the scenes and, using data that you provide to us on our template, we benchmark ten key performance criteria against our database of industry information. We use that analysis to provide you with a scorecard to allow you to prioritise improvement projects.

Finally, we have a network of support experts who can help you to implement any of the changes you wish to make. Ranging from financial support, to graphic design, to web design – we can help you with your improvement projects as partners in your success

We have built this business to minimise our overheads. The team operate as a remote network using digital and cloud technology so we don’t pay for offices or company cars. We also work exclusively on-line with our clients, so there are no expensive travel expenses or call centres.

We aim to find 8-10 restaurants in your local area, within walking or easy-driving distance that offer a similar experience to customers. That doesn’t mean that we only use the same cuisine, but we segment in the same way as your customers do, based on location, price etc. If there is a particular competitor that you would like us to build into the analysis, just let us know and we will do that.

We all assess businesses remotely every day. Whenever we Google to find a new service, buy something from Amazon or order food delivery, our evaluation is performed at a physical distance from the supplier. Remote presence is vital to the success of your business.

The parts of your business that you monitor every day – the food, the service, the signage – you control tightly already. But the other elements that you need to find time to analyse and assess – how you are doing versus your competitors, for example – we can do remotely. By working remotely, we can offer analysis and insight at significantly lower costs than other restaurants consultants.

We will use the Check Up data you provide us to populate our proprietary model to give you critical performance metrics and also, more importantly, to compare against our database which is populated with data both from our clients and external data. This allows us to benchmark your performance to give you areas which deserve your focus.

It is important to us that you understand your performance against REAL restuarants rather than a theoretical idea. As owners ourselves, we know the value in this.

Once the analysis has been completed, we will move your data into our aggregated database (without identifying information) to allow us to continue to populate and update the information we hold. At no stage will your data be used by us in any identifiable or non-aggregated manner. If you would prefer we don’t hold your data for this purpose, just let us know and we will delete without question.

It’s fast! We know you need quick results – we aim for a maximum turnaround of CheckUp in 72 hours and TuneUp in 5 working days (after full submission of data.)

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