Restaurant Check Up Service.

How Does a Customer See My Restaurant?

Bayleaf measures the external and public-facing elements of your restaurant business to assess what your customers see when they first interact with you.

This data is built into our framework and provide you with a comparison against your local competition.


Average price of the menu vs competitors

When customers pay at your restaurant, do they feel that they are getting better value from you or your competitors? Many owners set prices based on ingredient costs, but your customers won’t return if they feel that your offering is not providing good value. This is a key factor is long term success.

Local & national customer trend items are sold

Although not a key factor for customer retention, our research has shown that food trends are vital to attract new customers. We examine what the food trends are in your location and see if you have an opportunity (staying true to your concept) to exploit these categories to create news.

Objective and quantitative website analysis

The quality of your restaurant website (on both desktop and mobile) is vital to attracting new business, both directly and indirectly. Did you know that the speed of your website & the number of images effect how high up the Google search results you will be? We use a tool which will give you a diagnostic score about your site and areas you can improve.

Social media benchmarking

According to the latest research, 30% of millenial restaurant-goers will choose or avoid a place based on their perception of the Instagram account of the business. Social media is no longer a “nice to have” but a vital part of the job of a restaurant owner. Bayleaf will provide a score on your accounts and their usage.

Public customer reaction analysis

What are your restaurant customers posting about you? How are you interacting with the places where your reviews are posted? Are you getting more or less reviews than your neighbours? We will take these factors into account when developing a score for this analysis.

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